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Computer science experiments from Thierry Giroux-Veilleux

Thierry on the web



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Welcome on the libellus project. You are here because you've click on a link pointing to and… redirects here.

I am Thierry Giroux-Veilleux, student in Computer Science.

I'm finishing a bachelor degree in Computer Science.

The goal of this website is to share some experiments I do as a computer scientist. Even if I use it usually as a reminder, if it can help some people. Let it be!

Why kronoxt?

kronoxt or kron_xt or iamkronoxt are three usernames I use everywhere on the web.

kronoxt comes from Kronos, Nox and the first letter of my first name.

For the meaning, well, it is said, in the orphism greece mythology, that kronos was a bit intellectual as a god. Nyx or Nox, which was his mother, was responsible for the night to come. Indeed, it is inspired of the fact that I use to work better at night. Simple no?

Well that's the small story behind kronoxt. was my blog which I transfered to because it's easier to spell.

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